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Corporate Services

IC & S provides a full range of services to business and commercial entities as an outsourcer, saving companies significant resources and relieving them of the burden of hiring manpower to carry out these services. Among the service we offer:

  • Organizing conventions and seminars

  • Arranging accommodations, transportation, vacations and holidays for clients, investors, guests or employees— overseas or in Israel

  • Organizing staff orientation sessions and trips

  • Planning and organizing events, plus additional arrangements for overseas guests: Thanks to IC & S’s rich experience in serving guests from the world over, we are well versed in their diverse requirements, customs and cultures. Our experience also comes to the fore in helping us plan and produce a perfect, unforgettable gala event that will satisfy all. And we’ll arrange all the hotels and other extras required by your guests and foreign visitors.

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Setting up a concierge station
Permanent Station:

To best serve companies requiring a constant concierge presence, IC & S is prepared to create a proper, permanent concierge stand on the premises. This provides a perfect solution for those companies—and their employees—who require a multitude of services from IC & S, performed swiftly and efficiently.

Temporary Station:

For companies seeking assistance in organizing exhibitions and special events, IC & S is fully prepared and able to set up a temporary stand offering concierge services. These services enhance the company’s performance in professional presentation and professional, skilled management of the event, convention or exhibition. Our careful attention to every detail, large and small, covers the assembling of a top team of competent stewards, distributing convention packets or professional material to the guests, preventing problems, solving the unexpected, and more.

VIP benefits for company executives

By pre-arranged agreement with companies, IC&S grants their executives special VIP benefits. For a monthly or yearly fee, a limited number of executives are entitled to become card-carrying members of our VIP group, entitled to certain free services from IC&S, as well as discounts.

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